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Turn on the heat with Foo’s Fiery Edit Menu- No Chill Edition!

Attention Foo Loyalists and spice enthusiasts: Foo is returning to set your taste buds ablaze with their Fiery Edit Menu, 2023 No Chill edition. This menu promises to be an unforgettable experience for those who crave that spicy kick in their food.

The No Chill edition showcases fourteen sizzling dishes, two scorching desserts, and four cocktails designed to quench the flames. With chillies from India, Mexico, and Thailand—including Bhut Jolokia, Habanero, and Bird Eye—the menu truly spans the globe. A Scoville scale for measuring the spiciness of each dish is printed on the menu, allowing diners to test their limits.

Featured dishes include the Ghost Pepper Salmon Roll, No Chill Chilli Dumpling, Fierce & Fiery Cottage Cheese, Numbing Prawns, and Fire Fried Rice, among others. Desserts also embrace the heat, with offerings like the Dark & Dangerous—a spicy chocolate mousse with a soy caramel crème brûlée center, paired with chili soy ice cream. Experience the unexpected with Hot Ice—a fiery Strawberry and Habanero Chilli ice cream.

But don't expect the cocktails to douse the flames. The Gunpowder combines gin, gunpowder tea cordial, green chilli tincture, and lime for a taste explosion. The Hotstepper, made with vodka, white wine, Thai red chilli syrup, lime, galangal, lemongrass, and kaffir leaf, offers a spicy twist that's irresistibly delicious. And the Firecracker, featuring whiskey, orange-wasabi marmalade, lime, and a hint of bird eye chilli tincture, delivers another burst of flavor.

Ready to turn up the heat? Visit your nearest Foo outlet and savor the spiciest dishes crafted just for you.

Available: Across all Foo outlets in Mumbai

Duration: Until 30th April, 2023

Time: 12 pm to 1 am



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