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Sip, unwind and experience the journey of flavours on your plate with Silk Route!

Located in upscale Juhu and spread across a sprawling 8000 sq.ft., Silk Route is a restaurant & Lounge, that offers a serene ambience designed in visually enthralling avant-garde décor with a bohemian twist. Silk route is synonymous with the trade route of the exchange of cultures, its evolution at different spheres and the exchange of intellectual mindsets. It was more than the trading route that defined the

future of our existence and how we live today. The restaurant is an embodiment of these cultures.

The open-air space immediately brings in a sense of calm and gives you a vacay vibe. The playful blending of the subtle colours not only enhances its look after the dark sets in but also vibes well with the morning sun rays stroking inside. The lounge on the other hand has a dash of vibrant colours. The red backrest of the sofas makes one feel like it's a route to places unknown which again is an ode to its name. The fusing of greenery within makes one feel one with nature, relax one's mind, soak one's thoughts, to be joyous. The stark contrast of the ceiling and floor is like both wanting to fuse with one another leading to a burst of overall beautiful look which enhances the beauty of the arena, just like the sea and sky. The lights all around plays with the decor giving out an ethereal effect. A combination of fire and ice. Vigour with Calmness. Every aspect of the place has had a thorough detailing with proper research and the result is the one which is now "Silk Route". A beautiful ambience with a soothing effect.

The menu curated by Chef Kaustubh Wete boasts of a global affair encapsulating cuisines from Mediterranean & Middle Eastern regions with a hint of Indian and Pan-Asian. The place offers a retro-contemporary vibe and is perfect for a lazy brunch or a sundowner. The dishes on the menu are a wonderful mix of the MiddleEastern Warm Sunny regions of Nile, Egypt, Jordan, and Morocco for their Couscous, Burgul, Olives, Dates, Chickpeas filled in Tagines, or a variety of pastries using Phyllo, Sambusaks, the Origin of leavened doughs in Pizzas and khaboos in its various forms, to Peshawar, Kandahar, Balochi, Kazakhstan areas for kebabs and Meats, Use of Saffron, Yoghurt, cream, Dry fruits in their charcoal pits, Rice and Vermicelli moving to the Far Eastern influence of Crispy fritters, dim sums and Sushi. They have some delectable signature dishes like Smoked marinated olives and crumbled feta; Figs & cream cheese glazed with balsamic and crushed pepper; Quinoa salad with red wine vinaigrette; Chicken pineapple bbq pizza; Pumpkin risotto; Lemon Chicken Moroccan style; Flourless Chocolate orange cake.

The cocktails encompass and represent the bold flavours of Europe, the Middle East and Asia made with simple ingredients and this philosophy is apparent in all the signature mixes. There's a predominant usage of fresh fruit, herbs and liqueurs in most of the cocktails. The flavour profile, presentation and garnish are non-pretentious, honest and visually represent the ingredients in the drink. Old-world, classic cocktails reminiscent of the geographical area that made up the Silk Route also have a strong presence. The menu features a range of refreshing cocktails such as Fresh raspberries margarita, Spiced Sangria, Black Current Mojito, Melon Martini, Manhattan and Gin Sling these cocktails are a selection of traverses from any time fun drinking all the way to serious tipples. They also have a range of specially selected list of wines and brews that accentuates the menu.

Address: AB Nair Road, near Novotel, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049

Contact number: 72082 87208 Currently Operational: for dinner only Instagram:


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