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Phataa Poster Niklaa Boss - BOSS Burger Premieres Two Exciting Blockbuster Burgers on the Menu

BOSS Burger, Impresario Handmade Restaurants' delivery-only burger brand, has been delighting burger lovers since 2020 with their bold, punchy flavours and quirky packaging. In addition to their current hits, BOSS Burger recently premiered two limited edition burgers that are perfect for those who like a blockbuster twist. The Roasted Chicken Shawarma Burger and Hara Bhara Surprise Burger are on the BOSS menu from the 6th of March to the 30th of April. Bringing together the best of both East and West, BOSS Burger is all set to deliver two smashing blockbusters.

The Roasted Chicken Shawarma Burger, produced by BOSS Burger, stars an irresistible hero - tender Chicken Shawarma, roasted low and slow till it almost falls apart. In addition to the star of the show, there is a strong supporting cast of nutty hummus, tahina, and spicy jalapenos, layered between a melt-in-the-mouth Brioche bun. Whilst, in the Hara Bhara Surprise Burger, the breakout star is the Hara Bhara patty, a subtle yet spicy character, with a supporting cast of punchy sauces and fresh veggies, adding layers of flavour. The surprise element is a guest appearance by grilled cottage cheese which takes this blockbuster burger to the next level! Of course, there’s a melt-in-the-mouth Brioche bun to complete the experience.

BOSS Burger has always been a producer of blockbuster burgers because they believe in putting their stars at the forefront - high-quality ingredients, bold flavours, and doorstep delivery. The two new BOSS Burger Premieres are no different from that rule! The new burgers are now available for order through the official BOSS Burger website and other food delivery platforms. Catch the all-new BOSS Premieres today and go #HitHaiBOSS!

Date: 6th March to 30th April 2023



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