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Mezcalita is a celebration of all things Mexican!

This vibrant Mexican restaurant, is a feast for the senses. From the moment you step inside, you are transported to the heart of Mexico with its eclectic décor and bold, colourful murals. The ambiance is a perfect blend of traditional and modern elements, making it an ideal spot for a fun night out with friends or a cosy dinner with loved ones.

Mexico is known for its vibrant and delicious cuisine, with a rich history and a variety of authentic dishes that have become popular all over the world. The menu is full of delicioso dishes from all over the country, carefully curated to give you an experience of the familiar, the new, the borrowed and brewed. The menu is split in various parts to give you a choice of how you would like to dine, a quick bite to long drawn family meals or a fun night out with your friends.

The menu highlights various versions of the Guacamole, Nachos Con Chile, Salads, Ceviches, a large Mexi-Conscious section, Las Entradas (starters) that range from Quesadillas, Tacos to Panuchos, Alambres and Big Plates (of course not forgetting desserts!). Mexican’s non-vegetarian fare is complemented by its robust vegetarian food, infused with love and authenticity by Mezcalita’s chefs. Offerings range from Aguachile Jícama, a spiced broth of lemon, coriander and green chillies also a Pescado (fish) version – this is a staple in Sinaloa.

Meet the Panucho - the taco’s cousin from Yucatán. An invention by a street side vendor from Merida called Don Hucho, its name is a mashup of the Méxican word for bread (Pan) and his last name, Hucho. Another exciting vegetarian dish, is the Portobello- Trumpet Panuchos, the portobello and king trumpet mushrooms is stewed in Mexican achiote plant extract with cucumber, onion, habanero chilli and coriander. Placed on a soft tortilla covered in black bean paste.

Also on offer are the Veggie Burritos, Cottage Cheese Torta De Chilaquiles, a streetside Mexican delight better than a burger comes with a side of fries. And the Flautas Ahogadas, drowned tortilla flutes make an appearance on the menu. A Portobello Avo-Burger, Portobello mushroom patty topped with creamy diced mushrooms, house cheese mix, grated feta and an adobo vinaigrette - the usual burger buns get swapped for two whole slices of avocado. This is from the Mexi- Conscious section which has a long list of healthy one meal bowls.

Meat and seafood eaters, there is plenty on offer for you too. A choice of citrus cured seafood with Mexican leche de tigre (aka Ceviches) – a Peruvian classic from the Mexican coast of Guerrero. From Lamb Panuchos, Chicken Quesadillas, to a favourite Habanero Prawns (a clear warning, it is deadly spicy) to sharing plates like the Pork Ribs which serves four and comes on a large wooden board with accompaniments such as a side of creamy corn and chillies along with corn on the cob and chilli brown beans.

The tacos (made with masa dough is hand rolled and pressed) rooted from various parts of Mexico, Birria Taco which is Mexico’s favourite snack and hangover cure, Buff Taco – a Baja California special, everybody’s favourite Carnita Taco – a gem from the central Mexican state of Michoacán. The menu is extensive with equal focus on the vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

Whether you’re a single diner or coming with a group of friends, make sure you save some room for dessert. The authentic and popular Tres Leches De Cereza (Three Milk Cake with Cherries) makes its way on the menu. Our version is trending in Mexico and we also do another fun twist with Amaretto. For chocolate lovers, we have the Mexican Chocolate Cake served with chocolate ice cream and a spiced chocolate sauce and if you still have space, we recommend you order a portion of the Frozen Berry Soup, picture assorted berries served with a strawberry sorbet and mint – refreshing and cooling.

What's a Mexican feast without some tequila, mezcal, or agave-based cocktails? Our bar is stocked with some of the finest spirits straight from Mexico. We've got everything from smooth sipping tequilas to fiery mezcals, so you can choose your spirit and let the good times roll. Our signature cocktails are either mezcal or tequila based. Whether you opt for the Cha-Chinga (Tequila, Lime, Agave, Charred Cucumber, Jalapenõ, Coriander and Bird’s Eye Chili), Oaxaca to Osaka (Tequila, Sparkling Sake, Fresh Orange Juice, Vanilla, Passionfruit. Mixed and Clarified) or La Pomela (Mezcal, Pomelo Soda, Sweet Lime, Grapefruit, Campari Salt) - each cocktail has unique characteristics.

Mezcalised Classics and Mezcal Margaritas have a dedicated section as do Fresh Fruit Margaritas served as slushies or on the rocks. Since we are all about sharing, our Muy Grande (sharing pitchers) section will appeal to those in groups of four and more. We suggest ordering the Margarita Tower if you’re a group of eight, they are truly larger than life. We love our non-alcoholic drinks too, so our Sober Specials like the Horchata (Rice, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Condensed Milk, Evaporated Milk, Almond) and Agua Fresca (fresh fruit waters) like the Agua de Jamaica (Hibiscus Iced Tea) is great on a summer afternoon.

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday

Timings: 12noon to 1.30am (all day dining)

Telephone: +91.8657512648 | +91.8657406120

Address: 82, Nagin Mahal, Veer Nariman Rd, Churchgate, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400020



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