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Celebrating a Sri Lankan Summer with ‘Smoke & Bitters’ bar take-over & brunch at The Bombay Canteen!

Make way for Brunch & Bitters, a unique brunch cum bar takeover by Smoke & Bitters on Sunday, April 2, 2023. Bringing you a dash of tiki and a sprinkle of Sri Lanka, the Sunday afternoon promises delicious tropical libations by Smoke & Bitters and a special brunch offering by The Bombay Canteen.

Swing by for a taste of some heady, world-class cocktails on offer. Sip on the Mai Chai, made with chai infused dark rum, spiced orgeat, shaken with chai syrup, lime, triple sec and a dash of tiki bitters. The Silvertip Negroni is a refreshing blend of gin, green cardamom bitters, silvertip tea vermouth, Veralu or Ceylon Olive bitters and white vermouth. In the mood for something tropical? Try the Just Pina, a clarified milk punch with white rum, pineapple, cumin, pepper and coconut milk that is sure to transport you to the tranquil beaches of Sri Lanka! You cannot miss the Beli Mal Bomu, a concoction of Bael flower infused vodka, cardamom & coffee liqueur, Sri Lankan coffee and cardamom bitters.

Sunday is also time for everyone’s favourite meal - ‘Brunch’; where friends and family reunite and rejoice over great food and drinks. So, after you’ve tasted the incredible Sri Lankan cocktails, the ever popular ‘No Rules Brunch’ awaits. Inspired by our favourite brunch delights from around the world, the menu comes with flavours that you know, love and are distinctly Indian but presented in fun and easy dishes. Order a plate of mouth-watering chaat like Avocado Papdi Chaat with tangy amchoor chutney, Stracciatella cheese and puffed millets, Pakoda Chaat featuring zucchini flowers, meetha dahi and spicy palak chutney or Cured Prawn ‘Paani Puri, an unexpected duet of amchoor pani and charred corn. Enjoy the Corn Upma served with an heirloom tomato pachadi and aged pepper cheese, also available with delicious butter garlic crab; Chicken Kothu Paratha with creamy scrambled eggs, spicy coconut curry and cabbage slaw or the B**f Chilly Fry that comes with spicy caramelized onion masala and a dirty fried egg.

Taking the spotlight at your table at Brunch is Lamprais - one of Sri Lanka’s most popular dishes, comprising all things delicious wrapped in a banana leaf. This unique dish includes stock-cooked rice, curried meat or a vegetable, seeni sambol (onion relish), belacan (shrimp paste), fish frikkadel, eggplant moju and ash plantain curry, all placed in a banana leaf, wrapped into a small parcel and then steamed or baked! The Bombay Canteen will offer two options of this delightful dish - the vegetarian Lamprais with Baby Jackfruit Curry and a non-vegetarian version comprising Lamprais with Black Pork Curry. Come, join us as we celebrate a ‘Sri Lankan Summer’ at The Bombay Canteen this April. It’s your chance to escape to the beautiful island - right here in Bombay!

Brunch & Bitters: Sunday April 2, 2023 Brunch Timing: 11 am to 4 pm For Reservations, Call: +91 8880802424 Address: The Bombay Canteen, Unit-1, Process House, S.B. Road, Kamala Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai 400013



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