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Celebrating A Sri Lankan Summer with Kotuwa Canteen Takeover At The Bombay Canteen on April 15 & 16!

Bringing the sights, sounds and tastes of Sri Lanka right here in Bombay!

A shimmering coastline, lush mountains, verdant rainforests, majestic elephants, and cascading waterfalls… there is no place quite as stunning as Sri Lanka! Five years ago, the team at The Bombay Canteen travelled to the island country with its first pop-up, and fell in love almost instantly, vowing to bring a part of the ‘Resplendent Land’ to Bombay some day! This April, we’re revisiting those blissful memories with ‘Sri Lankan Summer’, bringing all things delicious in food, drinks and spirit from this jewel in the Indian Ocean, to The Bombay Canteen. After the hugely successful bar takeover and brunch with the award-winning cocktail bar and smoke-house, Smoke & Bitters from Sri Lanka, we are thrilled to present Sri Lankan flavours of Kotuwa from Singapore by Chef Rishi Naleendra on April 15 & 16, 2023 (Saturday and Sunday).With a lively, modern and casual vibe that combines traditional Sri Lankan cuisine and creative handcrafted cocktails, Kotuwa embodies Sri Lanka’s vibrant and generous dining culture, while paying homage to traditional Sri Lankan flavours. Expect bright, creative dishes that are as robust and flavourful as the streets and stories that inspire them. The Kotuwa Canteen Takeover menu offers small plates or Chotas like Elawalu Roti, a flaky roti with spicy potato stuffing; Banana Blossom Puff; Jackfruit Cutlets; panko crumbed Mutton Rolls; B**f Poricha Erachi fried b**f in sweet tamarind, chilli & lime; and large plates or Badas including Amba Curry, green mango curry with turmeric and coconut; Kaju Curry with cashew nuts and green peas in coconut gravy; Chicken Kothu Roti - chopped up roti cooked with chicken, eggs & gravy; Jumbo Mud Crab with garlic butter, green chilli and pepper, to be relished with Hoppersand Parathas. Desserts include Island Sundae; Watalappam Tart and more. The cocktails too showcase artisanal, creative concoctions that incorporate Sri Lankan flavours. Sip on Gara, Gurulu, Dwi Naga, Mayura among others.

Tastes Of Sri Lanka Right Here In Bombay!

The Kotuwa Canteen Takeover weekend menu celebrates the rich diversity of traditional Sri Lankan flavours and rich culinary techniques. From its famous small plates, a selection of robust curries, to house-made sambols, preserves and desserts, we look forward to bringing you a delicious and flavourful part of Sri Lanka (via Singapore), right here in Bombay!

Begin your Sri Lankan summer adventure with small plates including Elawalu Roti, a must-try short-eat made with spicy potato stuffing wrapped in a charred thin flaky flatbread, with tamarind chimichurri. Try the crispy-fried Sri Lankan croquettes, Jackfruit Cutlet served with eggplant moju ketchup; and Banana Blossom Puff, Sri Lankan patties filled with spiced banana blossom. Other exciting vegetarian dishes include Devilled Cashew Nuts with curry leaf and Pol Roti with Katta Sambol - a coconut flatbread, served with a spicy condiment of salted red chillies pounded with fresh shallots. The meat selection includes panko crumbed spied Mutton Rolls to be enjoyed with tamarind tomato dip; B**f Poricha Erachi - fried beef cheek in sweet tamarind, chilli & lime; Roasted Pork Belly, crisp pork glazed with Kithul (Sri Lankan jaggery) caramel then tossed with pickled chillies and Devilled Chicken a stir-fry made with banana chillies, hot garlic sauce and burnt pandan leaves.

The menu also features a selection of large plates like Kaju Curry, a traditional curry of cashew nuts and green peas cooked in an aromatic coconut gravy; a deeply comforting Sri Lankan staple - Dahl, our version made with red lentils and tempered with black mustard; and Amba Curry, a green mango curry cooked with turmeric and coconut. For the non-vegetarians, we have the Chicken Kottu Roti with chopped up roti cooked with eggs, chicken and gravy; and Lamb Curry with braised lamb shanks in Sri Lankan red curry. You cannot miss the mouth-watering Jumbo Mud Crab with garlic butter, green chilli and Ceylonese pepper! Some interesting sides on offer include traditional Sri Lankan Hopper, Egg Hopper, Paratha and Yellow Rice.

If you love sweets, the dessert selection includes Island Sundae with coconut milk soft serve, kithul caramel, cashew nuts and caramelized coconut chips, and Watalappam Tart with coconut custard, jaggery, pistachio, candied orange and spices.

Heady Sri Lankan Mixes

We like our weekends a little boozy, especially if it reminds us of relaxing on the sun-kissed beaches of Sri Lanka. The Kotuwa Canteen Takeover menu features creative concoctions that incorporate some unusual Sri Lankan flavours! Sip on the Gara, made with Stranger & Sons Gin, Aperol, sweet vermouth and Koththamalli (made by brewing coriander seeds and ginger); or the refreshing Gurulu, a heady concoction of Short Story Grain Vodka infused with Gotukola (Centella Asiatica, a native Sri Lankan herb from the parsley family), dry vermouth and Nelli (Indian gooseberry - Amla). Unwind with Maru, a concoction made from Plantation Original Dark Rum, Ceylon Arrack, banana and coconut water; Dwi Naga, a combination of Ceylon Arrack, yoghurt and cucumber foam and pineapple juice, or the Mayura, a luscious milk punch cocktail crafted with Plantation 3 Stars White Rum, Falernum, chilli, and mango.

Come, celebrate a ‘Sri Lankan Summer’ at The Bombay Canteen this April. It’s your chance to escape to the beautiful island - right here in Bombay!

Kotuwa Canteen Takeover

Date: Saturday & Sunday April 15 & 16, 2023 Restaurant Timing: 12 noon to 1 am For Reservations, Call: +91 8880802424 Address: The Bombay Canteen, Unit-1, Process House, S.B. Road, Kamala Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai 400013



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