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Scrumptious sandwiches, freshly-brewed specialty coffees, easy-drinking wines and fizzy kombuchas, Add freshly-baked bagels, buttery croissants, flaky puffs, sweet-salty & sticky Kouign Amann – Veronica's has all this and more…

Housed inside the restored St. Jude Bakery, Veronica’s on Veronica Street (and hence its name) - a narrow by-lane in Ranwar village, has long remained a Bandra landmark even after the iconic Bakery stopped large-scale baking for the suburbs. Tucked away from the hustle & bustle, hidden amidst cosy cottages and quaint homes in Bandra, you will find Veronica’s at the junction of Waroda Road and Veronica’s Street, off Hill Road! The team were delighted to find this gem. Shonan Purie Trehan, Founder & Principal Architect at L.A.B (Language Architecture Body) worked with Please See to infuse a whole new life into this classic space.

Whether your tastes run classic or contemporary, the ubiquitous stackers bring many surprises. Home to adventurous sandwiches, with a well-balanced union of flavours at the heart of every offering, Veronica’s presents this otherwise unassuming snack in bold, complex, global combinations. Piled high with meat and other indulgent fillings (& feelings!), each layer unlocks signature creations with innovation. A good sandwich can truly change your life and ours’ promise to find a permanent spot on your comfort food list. There is a wide selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian sandwiches on offer, that might fuel a debate over which one should wear the carb-encrusted crown.

Let’s do a quick run-through of what’s on offer. Mrs. Mabel's Pumpkin Bagel, a New York style chewy bagel where roasted pumpkin, tomatoes, cream cheese and arugula come to life with a swath of spicy sambal. Shakespeare would most certainly approve of Taming The (Mu)Shroom Melt - tangy sundried tomatoes, a medley of mushrooms in truffle cream, confit garlic and basil emulsion housed in a Dutch Crunch, a style of bread with a soft centre and an unexpected outer crunchy crust! Try the delicious Avo Snob with the perfectly toasted, house-made Ciabatta, slathered with fresh basil pesto and topped with marinated tomatoes & creamy burrata. Those with a soft- spot for cheese – we present the ultimate Bombay Chilli Cheese Melt- two slices of perfectly-toasted, butter slathered milk loaf with gloriously gooey cheddar cheese, jalapenos and Naga hot-honey.

Nashville-style hot fried chicken sandwich inspired The Big Floyd is dedicated to the OG-Bandra boy and beloved mentor (late) Chef Floyd Cardoz. Our version is a Japanese, Hokkaido-style, pillowy soft, milk bun filled with fried chicken that's just dunked in hot (read spicy) butter and piled with shredded lettuce, tangy tamarind ranch sauce, and a stack of lemony dill pickle. There are pops of flavours in every bite from the medley of mint, coriander, scallions and Thai basil. Crispy yet juicy, this fried chicken sandwich is high on satisfyingly savoury flavour and crunchy texture.

The oh-so-delicious Pass The Pastrami with perfectly charred, smoky b**f is a full-on flavour punch, and comes bundled between slices of milk bread with crunchy cucumber and dill pickle and a slick of tangy, stone-ground mustard to give you that kick with every bite. Designed to be devoured at any time of day – and always with some chilled wine, this simple but b**fy sando has all the makings of an icon. A hat tip to the New Orleans style Po Boy sandwich - Oh Shrimp! Po’ Boy comes with fried shrimp, Korean-style gochujang spicy ‘flaming sauce’, avocado, fresh jalapenos and shredded iceberg lettuce, all packed into a Dutch crunch bread!

The Muffuletta, a popular sandwich that originated among Italian immigrants in New Orleans, inspired the sloppy Italian Job. Comprising smoked ham, Italian pork salami, creamy buffalo mozzarella, a hot relish of red and green jalapenos and local Bhavnagri chillies; shredded cabbage in a honey mustard dressing, all packed in a freshly-baked Ciabatta. Sink your teeth into the BLTease, a whole new take on the classic Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich with a tease of cheddar and smoked ham filled in a house-made ‘gram inspiring’ croissant bun. Adding a ‘dirty fried egg’ though optional, is highly recommended.

Hand-crafted and baked in-house daily, the wide selection of breads used for sandwiches include the rustic Italian Ciabatta, the soft, chewy Dutch Crunch bread or Tijgerbrood, Milk Loafs, Bagels, Buns among others. Not just that, the kitchen crew takes their meat game seriously using only top-quality cuts of meat that are cured and smoked resulting in tender, melt-in-your-mouth protein for your sammies.

Open from Tuesday to Sunday Dine-in timing: 8 am to 11 pm

Call us on: +91 9372981697

Address: Veronica's, Waroda Road, off. Hill Road, Ranwar, Bandra West, Mumbai 400050

Average meal for two: average meal for 2 without alcohol: ₹ 1600/-; with alcohol: ₹ 2500/-

Delivery details: soon on Swiggy and Zomato



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